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South Carolina Speeding Ticket Attorney

There is little that can disrupt your day quite like a speeding ticket. But with South Carolina's "absolute speed limit" law, which gives officers the right to issue drivers a ticket for travelling one mile per hour over the posted limit, speeding tickets are a fairly common occurrence in our lives. Even if you’re driving within the speed limit, you can be charged with driving at an unsafe speed due to the conditions. But a ticket doesn’t mean you are guilty. You still have a right to fight your ticket in traffic court. If you've been caught speeding, a South Carolina speeding ticket attorney like Trey Cook can help.

Out-of-State Drivers Can Rely on Trey Cook Law in South Carolina

Thousands of tickets are issued every year in South Carolina to visitors from North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Florida and other states throughout the country. If you’re not a resident of South Carolina, it’s easy to just plead guilty and pay the fine, particularly if a court appearance requires traveling back to South Carolina. However, pleading guilty can impact your driving record in your home state, which can increase your insurance rates. In some cases, a conviction can result in the suspension of your driving privileges. Pleading guilty can also be used against you in driving-related civil cases that you may become involved with in the future.

There is no harm in exploring your options with a qualified South Carolina attorney like Trey Cook, but there may very well be harm in pleading guilty. Importantly, Trey Cook Law can often represent your interests in traffic court without the requirement that you travel back to South Carolina. Trey Cook can challenge the violation, negotiate a reduction in points, and ultimately work to minimize any negative effects on your driving record that could arise from a speeding violation. He also represents out-of-state visitors on a variety of other traffic violations, including a DUI arrest, reckless driving and driving with a suspended license.

Call Trey Cook Law to Help with Your Speeding Ticket

For nearly a decade, Trey Cook has been successfully defending drivers charged with everything from reckless driving and driving under the influence to driving with a suspended license and speeding. If you receive a speeding ticket in South Carolina - no matter where you live - contact Trey Cook Law for help. The initial consultation is free of charge.