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South Carolina Auto Accident Attorneys

Trey Cook is a South Carolina auto accident attorney located in Lancaster, South Carolina. Trey has been working with auto accident victims and fighting insurance companies for years, so he is keenly aware of the complexities involved with these types of cases. He also knows how traumatizing an auto accident can be.

The injuries resulting from auto accidents span a wide range - from whiplash and broken bones to brain trauma and spinal cord injuries. Regardless of the severity, any type of injury can keep you out of work for long periods of time, which can have a chilling effect on your income and create financial stress in every part of your life.

Car accidents are incredibly common in South Carolina. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation, South Carolina has some of the most dangerous roads in the country (see https://www.iihs.org/topics/fatality-statistics/detail/state-by-state). If you have been injured in a car accident caused by another driver, Trey Cook Law is here to help.

Critical Steps Following an Auto Accident

The most important thing to do after an auto accident is to seek medical attention immediately. Once your medical needs are addressed, you should consult with a reputable personal injury attorney as soon as possible. You should certainly talk to an auto accident attorney before talking to your insurance company - and absolutely before signing anything. The importance of not signing any documents prior to consulting with an experienced attorney cannot be overemphasized.

Call Trey Cook Law Before You Call Any Insurance Company

The first thing you should know is that the goal of every insurance company is to make money. Every time they pay a claim, they lose money. For that reason, they pay as little as possible and as late as possible. When you’re suffering from the trauma of an auto accident, your focus should be on healing, not on fighting. That’s why it’s so important that you have an advocate fighting for your rights. Trey Cook will be your voice - and he will fight for you. 

Trey Cook Has Experience That Matters

Physical pain, fear, anxiety and depression are just a few of the problems you might experience as a result of an auto accident. To say it can impact your quality of life is an understatement. If the accident was caused by another person, you can expect to expend a frustrating amount of energy dealing with the adjuster and the other party’s lawyer, which can leave you feeling even more like a victim. With Trey Cook on your side, you don’t have to struggle to find the strength to handle those things.

Trey communicates with adjusters, negotiates with attorneys and assembles relevant medical records so you don’t have to. Plus, if needed, he works with accident reconstructionists to help prove your side of the story. Trey Cook Law will do everything it can to help you get compensated for any damages you’ve suffered as a result of an auto accident, including current and future medical expenses, property damage and lost wages.