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South Carolina Child Support Attorney

Income levels and work schedules for most parents are rarely consistent year over year. People change jobs and jobs change compensation packages. Those factors, among others, can lead to requests to modify child support and visitation arrangements. An experienced South Carolina child support attorney like Trey Cook can help with this process and make it easier for everyone involved.

Modifications of Child Support

In South Carolina, the amount of child support to be paid by a parent is calculated with a straightforward formula - it’s a tool available online to anyone. However, a calculator’s result is only as reliable as the information used to reach that result. So, it’s in the best interest of you and your child to ensure that all the relevant information is included. Trey Cook Law can help determine if the parent who is responsible for paying child support has additional sources of income that need to be declared, such as a second job, investments or another business. Sometimes, though, that person’s income levels might actually decrease. In that case, modifying the support settlement may be the best way of ensuring the child isn't adversely affected and that the parent who pays child support isn’t forced to deal with an overly burdensome financial situation.

Modifications to Visitation Schedules

Visitation schedules are negotiated or decided as part of the divorce decree or final custody order, but because situations change, they often need to be revisited. That said, children should be exposed to minimal disruptions through the turmoil of job changes, relocations or household shifts that necessitate a request to modify a divorce settlement. The best interest of the child remains the determining factor when it comes to modifying visitation. It’s also important to note that as children mature, they can participate more in the process. Their own preferences will help inform any decisions regarding the modification of visitation schedules. With so much at stake, it’s critical that you have an experienced South Carolina child support attorney like Trey Cook to help guide you through the entire process.