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Nearly half of all marriages in America will end in divorce. Yet, as common as they are, no two are alike. Some are fairly amicable and involve few assets, while others can be hotly contested, highly emotional and complicated by tangled assets and children. Divorce can tear families and homes apart. And while there is no way to make issues like property division or child custody easy, Trey Cook Law can help lessen your burden. Trey Cook is a South Carolina Family Law attorney who provides compassionate family law services for clients seeking a divorce and for those in need of legal help with child custody issues, child support, adoptions or family court mediation.

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Trey Cook Law Helps Families Through Difficult Legal Situations

Some family law attorneys treat their clients like numbers. To them, a divorce or other family law issue is little more than a transaction. But no case deserves or demands personalized attention like one involving family law. Because the issues can be extremely stressful and emotional, Trey Cook is mindful that clients in family law matters need more than legal guidance. Trey is ready to help reassure you, guide you and provide you with much-needed stability throughout the entire process.