South Carolina Adoption Attorney

Giving a child without parental support a loving home can be one of the most emotionally rewarding aspects of practicing law. In recent years, though, adoption has expanded beyond that traditional model. As blended families increase and as grandparents become more active in child rearing, guidance from adoption attorneys is becoming more sought after than ever. While the complex legal issues of adoption may seem daunting, the results are always worth it, and a South Carolina adoption attorney like Trey Cook can help you throughout the process.

Trey Cook Law Can Handle Many Different Types of Adoptions

Whether you are a step-parent raising children from your spouse’s previous marriage, a foster parent desiring to adopt the child you initially provided care for or a grandparent caring for a grandchild because a parent is no longer capable, Trey Cook Law can help you through the adoption process. Trey can also help with adult adoptions for those looking to add clarity to inheritance issues or simply wish to acknowledge formally an emotional bond.

How Adoption Affects Your Rights

When an adult adopts a child, he or she has the legal rights and responsibilities of a parent, at which time the legal rights of the natural parent are terminated. If the parent voluntarily consents to forfeit those rights, the process is usually seamless. However, if that isn’t the situation, an adoptive parent must demonstrate legal grounds for the court to terminate a parent's rights.

Trey Cook Law Will Help You Navigate the Adoption Process

Trey Cook Law works hard for families across South Carolina who are seeking to add another member to their family through adoption. Whether private adoptions, adoptions initiated to formally bind family members or to legalize the rights of grandparents, Trey has a firm grasp on the laws that govern adoptions. With Trey’s counsel, the entire process will move as swiftly and smoothly as possible toward the ultimate goal: a united family.