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Trey Cook has never met a stranger. To say he can talk to just about anyone is almost an understatement. It's a skill, if not heavily influenced, then certainly greatly refined by his upbringing in the small community of Lancaster, where it was nearly impossible to escape notice, much less interaction with neighbors. It’s those inescapable interactions, though, that play a role in the sense of familial connection amongst and within the residents of Lancaster’s small community.

As a child, spending time on the golf course with his dad was what Trey valued most, closely followed by his active involvement in sports. A member of just about every team available - basketball, baseball, soccer, golf - Trey took to heart the values of teamwork, focus, and support that become innate to veteran athletes.

Trey’s deep ties to the Lancaster community led him back there after receiving his Juris Doctor in 2008 from the University of South Carolina School of Law. Upon returning to Lancaster, Trey spent a year as a law clerk to the Honorable Brooks P. Goldsmith, a fellow graduate of Lancaster High School, before becoming an Assistant Solicitor under the Honorable Doug Barfield, 6th Circuit Solicitor.

Trey was prosecuting a case opposite George Speedy when the two attorneys met. Talking a bit after the trial led to having lunch, where George watched as Trey spoke to just about every person that walked through the door. The next time they saw each other, George asked Trey if he was interested in opening an office in Lancaster. In 2012, Trey opened the doors to the Lancaster office of Speedy, Tanner, Atkinson, and Cook. Launching a location where he’s able to help the people of the town he grew up in, many of whom he's known since childhood, has been one of Trey's proudest accomplishments. In January of 2019, Trey founded Trey Cook Law.

Trey believes the practice of law is all about relationships. When an attorney is emotionally invested in the people he’s representing he’s going to work that much harder on their case, advocating on their behalf to the best of his abilities. The people he represents are his people, his Lancaster family. That's a relationship that can’t be forged in a day, a week, or a year; it’s a life-long commitment.