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South Carolina Distracted Driving Accident Attorney

Distracted drivers have always been a problem on South Carolina roads. However, in recent years, these accidents have increased with the proliferation of smartphones. Whether texting or accessing the Internet, many drivers use their cell phones irresponsibly and, as a result, cause accidents that injure innocent drivers like yourself.

In some cases, you may be able to recover punitive damages in addition to compensatory damages. Punitive awards are intended to punish and deter the conduct of the at-fault party and are allowable when the responsible party's conduct was in reckless disregard for the interests of others. Punitive damages are collected on top of recovery for medical expenses, lost wages and other losses. When there's been a statutory offense, as in cases where the driver was distracted because of texting, it can serve as enough evidence that there's been negligence to such an extent that a recovery of punitive damages is allowable.

Call Trey Cook Law if You’ve Been Injured By a Distracted Driver

Because many distracted driving accidents are preventable, they can be even more frustrating than a standard automobile accident. That’s partly why South Carolina passed legislation making distracted driving a statutory offense and focused its language on drivers who become distracted by texting while driving. The law recognizes that specific act as inherently dangerous and, as stated earlier, can be used to establish punitive damages. If you've been injured by another's careless or distracted driving, Trey Cook is an experienced  South Carolina distracted driving accident attorney who will fight for your rights.

Common Distracted Driving Causes

  • Eating and/or Drinking
  • Texting
  • Using Social Media
  • Applying Make-Up
  • Interacting with Children
  • Impaired Vision Due to Vehicle Cargo
  • Reading While Driving
  • Using GPS Devices
  • Adjusting Music
  • Searching for a Dropped Object

Trust Trey Cook Law After Your Distracted Driving Accident

You shouldn't have to suffer because of the negligence or carelessness of another driver. It’s as simple as that. And Trey Cook Law will work to make sure you don’t. He will build a case that ensures you are fairly compensated for your injuries, including medical costs and lost wages. So, if you've been injured by a distracted driver, call Trey Cook Law for the care you deserve and the professionalism your case demands.