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Trey Cook has many years of experience representing clients in and around Lancaster, SC who’ve been injured in an accident. Trey understands that each case is unique, yet he approaches every case with the same dedication and focus. He’s not working for a paycheck; he’s working for you.

If You’re Hurt, Trey Can Help

It’s simple. You should not be responsible for any expenses related to the pain or suffering you experience as a result of another person’s negligence. Trey Cook Law will help make sure you aren’t.

if you’re injured in an accident caused by another person, any inconvenience, pain or cost only exacerbates an already difficult situation. You likely have mounting medical bills, a tangled web of insurance claims and, in some cases, the fear of losing wages or even a job. Often, insurance companies will attempt to persuade you to settle before you’ve even had a chance to fully appreciate the extent of your damages.

Fortunately, Trey deals with insurance agents, adjusters and their attorneys on a daily basis, and he’s been litigating personal injury cases long enough to know how to best construct your story so that it’s presented clearly and convincingly. In addition, because not all injuries or losses are sustained at the time of an accident, Trey ensures your damages are accounted for weeks, months or even years after a judgment is rendered or a settlement is reached. Ultimately, he’ll help make sure you’re made whole again.

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Trey Cook has vast experience as a personal injury attorney. Over that time, he’s built a reputation for personalized service, diligence and honesty. He’ll give you a realistic assessment of your case - and he’ll fight for your rights from day one. Call today to see the difference Trey can make for you.